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Spring King Is Here!

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boat-fishing-e-mail-header.optWe’re excited for the arrival of Wild Copper River Spring Alaskan King Salmon!

Available for a limited time beginning Thursday, May 30th we’ll be preparing a few featured spring dishes fresh from scratch. Reservations are suggested so dial 814-234-4273 and reserve your spot…. don’t miss out!

What’s All This Fuss About Copper River King Salmon?

Below is an excerpt from Saveur Magazine that captures why Coper River King Salmon are just so unique… that’s why we’re so excited!!!

Every year, from May through June, king salmon make their way from the Gulf of Alaska to their spawning grounds more than 300 miles up the Copper River. Along the way, local fishermen harvest the salmon, while Alaska’s Fish & Game Department carefully monitors the salmon population to ensure that harvesting is done sustainably. Because the journey up the Copper River is particularly arduous—full of strong currents and cold temperatures—this region’s native salmon have evolved into a particularly hardy lot, complete with an extra layer of fat that makes them not only rich in flavor and texture but also a healthy source of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and protein.


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