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Miss Melanie & The Valley Rats at bar bleu


Dante’s Nightlife is very please to bring you a very special holiday show to bar bleu.  Join us on Saturday, December 21st starting for 10pm for Miss Melanie and The Valley Rats!

Miss Melanie and the Valley Rats specialize in all aspects of the blues, as well as performing roots, soul and New Orleans infused grooves.

Melanie Morrison Zeigler can flat out sing. Zeigler’s powerful, soulful, and sultry voice can whip a barroom dance floor into a frenzy or turn them quiet enough to hear a pin drop when serving up a soul bearing ballad. Her range and emotionality are as good as it gets. One listen and you are hooked!

Combine her exquisite talent with the well-received Queen Bee & the Blue Hornet Band guitarist Mark Ross’ straight from the gut, honest, tone filled guitar playing for some infectious chemistry. Add to that chemistry the soulful, innovative, sympathetic stylings of organist Rev. James Harton and drummer Matt Zelenz. Watch out as they lay down the perfect groove-laden floor to express themselves.

Although Zeigler is a relative newcomer, she is more than capable of leading this cast of seasoned veterans into uncharted musical excellence.

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