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The Strayers Bring Americana To bar bleu

Photo Mar 08, 7 16 21 PM

We’re happy to welcome Americana Roots Rock and Rollers The Strayers to the bar bleu stage for the first time.

Join us downstairs at bar bleu on Friday, March 14th at 10:30pm to jam out to this tasty newly formed trio rocking out on acoustic guitar, accordion and drums.  Pick up a new copy of their recently recorded 10 track self-titled album during a set break and show some love for local, original music!

To learn more about The Strayers check out their bio below or visit their website at

Bill and Denise are husband and wife who have logged in 5 years of playing in State College, PA and the surrounding areas.

Bill Strayer has been been writing music and playing the guitar since 1996.  His lyrics are deep and to the point, leaving listeners pondering his message.  His voice is rugged and appealing.  He provides a solid foundation for the music through his acoustic guitar rhythms.

Denise Strayer is a piano player who took up the accordion in 2009.  Her interpretation of this traditional instrument is sultry with exceptional expression to her counter melodies which complement Bill’s vocal lines.

In the Fall of 2013, The Strayers began working on their debut album which was RELEASED IN JANUARY 2014. Percussionist Joshua Dane Troup offered his talents for the album and on October 31st, 2013 he accepted an offer to officially join The Strayers.

Josh Troup brings tons of experience to the band as he has been a drummer on the State College music scene for over a decade.  His wide variety of musical tastes and styles gives his sound a depth that can be heard the instant he plays.  Being an artist, he possesses a unique view on what can be used to bring the best percussive sound.

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