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New Holland Brewing & Spirits Market Launch


We are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring you another tasty market launch event to State College. Join us on Thursday, September 29th starting at 5pm to help us welcome New Holland Brewing Company from Holland, Michigan.

Joining us will be “Dr. Joel,” New Holland’s National Director of Sales Operations. He’ll be in-house all night waxing poetic on all things New Holland brewing and spirits.

We’ll tap about a dozen core, seasonal and limited/rare brews to help you get to know the brewery side and we are bringing in many of their artisan spirits for the night as well.

See you on the 29th… Cheers!

One Response to New Holland Brewing & Spirits Market Launch

  1. Curtis says:

    Well Done, Dante’s. Dragons Milk is one of my guilty little pleasure beers, first discovered on a trip to Chicago. Fantastic Brew!!! I hope you plan to carry their products in the ZBar going forward. I’ll see you tonight.