Bar Bleu Wi-Fi Terms of Service and Use 

Complimentary Wi-Fi

Bar Bleu (Dante’s Restaurants, Inc.) offers free unlimited Wi-Fi access in its restaurant after registering a username and password for a free Wi-Fi account.

  • Connecting to Dante’s Restaurants, Inc. Wi-Fi
  • Start computer and confirm wireless card is turned on
  • View available wireless networks and select “bar bleu”
  • Open a web browser and enter your desired website
  • You will be directed to a login page, login with your account
  • If you do not have an active account, click sign up to request an account
  • NOTE: By creating an account and/or logging in, you affirm that you agree to Dante’s Restaurants, Inc. Wi-Fi Terms and Conditions
  • Click “Login”

Dante’s Restaurants, Inc.’s Patron Wireless Connectivity Policy

Terms of Service and Acceptable Use


Access to the Service
Wi-Fi Service at a Dante’s Restaurants, Inc. (“Dante’s”) location is a complimentary Service for patrons and is completely at the discretion of Dante’s.

If you have provided your email address, you agree to allow us to send you marketing information, promotions and special offers solely relating to our business. You may opt out of future communications by using the “unsubscribe” button in all of our emails.

Service is provided for customers who are actively enjoying their food or beverage purchase. You, as a user of the Service, are responsible for monitoring connectivity and saving all data and communication regularly.

By your use of the Service, you acknowledge (i) that you have made a purchase; (ii) that the Service may not be uninterrupted or error-free; (iii) that viruses or other harmful applications may travel through the Service; (iv) that Dante’s does not guarantee the security of the Service and that unauthorized third parties may access your computer or files or otherwise monitor your connection; (v) that the Service is provided “as is” and on an “as available” basis, without warranties of any kind, whatsoever; and (vi) that you assume all risk associated with your activities conducted online through the Service and assume all liability and damages incurred by yourself, Dante’s  or a third party that arise or result from your activities conducted online through the Service, whether known or unknown at the time of use.

Access to the Service may be denied, blocked, suspended, or terminated by Dante’s at any time for any reason including, but not limited to, violation of these Terms of Service, actions that may lead to liability for Dante’s  disruption of access to other patrons or networks, and violation of applicable local, state, and, or federal laws or regulations. Use of the Service shall not be construed as creating a relationship of any kind between Dante’s and any user of the Service. These Terms of Service shall be governed, interpreted and construed according to the laws of the state of Pennsylvania.

Acceptable Use of the Service
Activities conducted online through the Service shall not violate any applicable law or regulation or the rights of Dante’s  or any third party. Dante’s will fully cooperate with law enforcement upon receipt of notice that use of the Service is in violation of applicable law. If you are unsure whether your use of the Service and activities conducted online may violate these Terms of Service you are advised to cease the activity immediately. Examples of prohibited activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Spamming and Invasion of Privacy
  • Intellectual Property Right Violations
  • Obscene or Indecent Speech or Materials
  • Defamatory or Abusive Language
  • Forging of Headers
  • Hacking, Scans, or Other Subversive Information Gathering Activity
  • Distribution of Internet Viruses, Trojan Horses, or Other Destructive Activities
  • Export Control Violations
  • Harassing, Abusive, Criminal or Fraudulent activities
  • Facilitating a Violation of this Agreement of Use
  • Resale of the Service